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“First Nations have an endowment of land and resources and with properly structured commercial terms partnerships with industry can be forged to enhance economic development. Where these initiatives have historically fallen down is lack of trust between the parties and First Nations inability to be responsive. IRC/NEBCE [helps] support capacity building and relationship development between First Nations and Industry.”

– Trent Hunter, VP Business Development, Blue Spark Energy

“Having acted as a legal and business advisor to First Nations bands and associations in Western Canada for over 40 years, I am very aware of the challenges that face both First Nations and energy companies who wish to establish fair and mutually beneficial business relationships.  The unique initiative of IRC in bringing First Nations and Industry leaders together in the Chief to Chief format to have frank and open discussions of these challenges and to facilitate business relationships has been very successful.”

– Robert AM Young, QC

“The working relationship that my company has enjoyed with NEBCE and IRC have been a vital part of our business for the past few years. NEBCE and IRC have assisted me contacting several First Nations that are producing and/or are looking to produce oil and gas on their lands.They have been instrumental in assisting with contacting the right people, negotiating, and cultural relations.”

– Kevin Koenen, President & CEO, Mont Rose Energyv