Welcome to the National Energy Business Centre of Excellence!

The National Energy Business Centre of Excellence is a program of the Indian Resource Council.

First Nations are playing an ever-increasing role in energy and resource projects and developments on traditional lands across the country. First Nations are not only interested in taking active interest in these projects, but also are wishing to lead the charge, in turn, receiving the recognized benefits that accompany development. Many First Nations are new to developing energy and resource projects. Others are not. Still, most First Nations across the country lack the background and “best practice” experience hindering their ability to maximize community benefits.

These realities considered, the Indian Resource Council (IRC) created the National Energy Business Centre of Excellence (NEBCE) in 2008, a completely unique First Nations directed – and operated organization, to provide leadership and to promote collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships between oil and gas producing First Nations, government, and industry with the intent of increasing First Nations direct involvement in, and understanding these sectors.

The National Energy Business Centre of Excellence publishes a quarterly magazine Elements: Canada’s First Nations Energy publication. To read our latest issue click here.